Letters to the Editor


Kudos to the cowardly sound-off caller, regarding my letters to this newspaper. As to your snide comment regarding Dear Leader, let me reiterate, it’s not about him being black, it’s about him being mainly an idiot, a Marxist and a Muslim lover. Give me Dr. Ben Carson any day against that tool.

Thanks for bringing attention to my outstanding work. (Sarc) As I write this, I am in direct negotiations with BND on a syndicated weekly column focusing on the absurdity of liberalism. However, they’re playing hardball and using your favorite liberal letter writer(s) as a bargaining tactic. Since John Kerry did so well with Iran, I was going to hire him to be my contract negotiator; but I figured by the time he was finished, the libs would get the column deal, and I would have to pay the BND. So I nixed that idea.

FYI: I am announcing my new book called, “Progressive’s in the attic.” It’s a compilation of all of my letters over the years, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy to the point of it bringing tears to your beady little eyes.

When published, a book signing will of course be held, but be forewarned. You will have to bring your own crayon (and), my signature will be in cursive instead of being block printed. Being an obvious drooling liberal and a victim of our public school system, you may wish to have your favorite (educator) there as an interpreter.

Roddy D. Riggs, Highland