Letters to the Editor

Catholic Church should provide for teachers

I’m disturbed with the Catholic Church for not providing a good retirement program for their dedicated teachers.

Let me tell you what little I know. I know and consider a few retired teachers from Catholic schools as friends. I hear them talk. They say after some 30 years or more they receive less than $500 per month. I find it hard to believe.

This is what I know as I was a crossing guard for 13 years for a Catholic school. I saw teachers come one hour, sometimes two hours early and stay the same after school. That is true love given free for the children of God.

Some will live off of Social Security and Medicare. It doesn’t make any sense to me. They have given so much and ask so little. Some have saved for retirement but it’s hard.

Solution: I have been in the union since I was 16 years old. At age 18 I joined the Marines. After 4 years of service I came back to the same job only now I had 6 years seniority. I worked as a painter for over 50 years. I get a very good pension, so teachers maybe you should unionize.

If your leader can live like a king in his beautiful home and church, maybe he could reward his teachers with some of his wealth. By doing so he will keep the schools well taken care of by very dedicated people. Maybe they should unionize.

Tom Hurlburt, St. Jacob