Letters to the Editor


Gene Robke, wants to claim that Bush did a lot of damage during his term. Yes, he did some. Maybe for some of the economy is better, but we are deep in debt, and I’m talking about the deficit (national debt) that is now at $18 trillion, or maybe by now $19 trillion and the last several trillion was caused by Obama, not Bush. We still have to raise the debt ceiling every year, not to mention stock market volatility. Yes Bush left a mess, but Obama is going to leave just as big a mess when he leaves.

His foreign policies are not working. He finally admitted about several things not working out. The latest one ended up costing us quite dear with nothing to really show for it. I’m talking about those men that Obama sent money to train to fight, slightly over one-half I think went to the other side, and the rest I think quit. So that didn’t work. Now what is going to happen since apparently they will not be training anyone now.

I have heard that ISIS is about to take over more of Iran and probably are planning on taking over other countries. At this point things in the Middle East are not going well at all. If they continue going this way, it will be a bad mark on Obama and what a mess he will leave the next one. That person will be a Republican.

Lori Felts, Worden