Letters to the Editor

Important point

In the past, Joseph Reichert has written some excellent letters, defending the second amendment and the right to gun ownership. His letter in a recent BND was spot on in both his argument for gun rights and his analysis of the root cause(s) of the problems in our country.

However, he did miss one important point, and that is: We have a population that is crumbling from within like the black inner cities and the black family, and we pander to an addiction of dependency and economic failure. It’s called the “gimmee game.” Then, those blood sucking vultures (read: politicians) swoop in and say, “nothing to see here, just give me your votes and I’ll give you more of that drug. I’ll protect you from those meanies out there that say you have any responsibility for your actions.” That, my friend, is called progressivism.

Michael Ray Dillier, judging by his past writings, is another staunch defender of second amendment rights, although I doubt he would ever support either Reichert’s or my view on the causes of the country’s demise, due to his union fanaticism.

In either case, I would bet the farm that both of them will risk losing not only their second amendment rights but many others as well by voting for another socialist/Marxist presidential candidate in the form of Shrillary Clinton, just as they did in the past with Osama Bin Obama. Puzzling to say the least.

Roddy D. Riggs, Highland