Letters to the Editor


I was startled to read that there have been “59 deaths with connections to the Clintons since their days in Arkansas until the year 2000.” — William Bremen, Oct. 31.

Thank God that the killing spree ended in 2000. Of course, that was the final year of the Clinton presidency, so he may have felt it no longer necessary to dispatch his political enemies. But what of Hillary? She certainly has the motive to do away with critics. And, I surmise, far greater in number than 58.

I join with Lee Pitzer of O’Fallon, in his letter on Nov. 4, demanding a list of the 58 whose lives were cut short by the machinations of the Clintons, together with the circumstances surrounding their deaths. In his account of the Whitewater scandal (and several others from their days in Arkansas), the award-winning author, James Stewart, does not mention such wholesale blood-letting. Perhaps Mr. Bremen has more reliable sources than Stewart. I await his disclosures with interest.

Joe McDonnell, Belleville