Letters to the Editor

School’s transgender problem needs solving

It seems Illinois’ Palatine School District 211 is embroiled in a transgender dispute. This is a situation where a teenage boy has declared himself to be a girl. To accommodate his claim, the district has allowed a number of gender adjustments. The district made other changes, including providing a private changing area for him. Most recently, the district even installed privacy curtains for him in the girl’s locker room.

The district finally tried to draw the line by refusing to allow him to openly shower and dress with female classmates. Sounds reasonable, right? After all, the young man has not had gender reassignment surgery (i.e. he still has all of his factory installed original equipment).

Do these concessions satisfy Obama’s Department of Education? No! Before 30 days have passed, the district must allow the teenage boy to run around naked in the shower room with his naked female classmates.

This is such an absurd case it really doesn’t deserve discussion. But I do have a suggestion. If a pre-reassignment boy can run around naked with his female classmates, then let’s just be totally broadminded and consolidate all locker rooms into one unisex facility.

Or, we could avoid the entire mess by saying: A teenage boy gets to run around naked with naked girls after he has had his surgery and really looks like a girl.

Oh. You have to be 18 to have reassignment surgery. Well, I guess that would end the problem before it could begin.

Chris Tabing, Coulterville