Letters to the Editor


A recent Harvard Study (read that again: Harvard) shows that gun regulation is useless. Their facts came from the United Nations International Study on Firearms Regulation. That’s a shocker!

1) Where firearm ownership is more dense violent crime rates are lowest.

2) Where firearm ownership is the most restricted, and least dense, violent crimes are highest.

3) England has a four times greater overall crime rate than the U.S.

4) England has a 125 percent higher rape victim per 100K than the U.S.

5) The U.S. Academy of Sciences reviewed hundreds of books, articles and studies and concluded there is no example anywhere showing that strict gun control regulations have ever reduced crime.

6) Further research shows that firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens prevent or stop violent crimes from occurring from hundreds of thousands of times per year, up to 2.5 million times per year.

7) The nine states with the lowest violent crime rates are all “right to carry” states.

Any questions?

Roddy D. Riggs, Highland