Letters to the Editor

Sound-off 11/9/15

From the readers of the News-Democrat

Our readers comment on the week’s news:


I’d like somebody in Belleville to answer how are you going to make up the tax revenue loss for Lindenwood’s non-profit status? In which they don’t pay taxes on 50 houses they are occupying. And what about Fisher’s old motel? Let us in on the rumor that Lindenwood is interested in purchasing Union School. If that is the case, what is the taxpayer going to have to do, foot another school out of our pockets?


Second Ward Belleville Alderman, Michael Buettner is a huge disappointment after only five months in office. He wanted TIF money for his small café, but it was denied because it did not create jobs. Then filed suit against the city and won money from Belleville taxpayers. When he gets in office, he votes against a $90 million German Brew House development that would help reimburse taxpayers for the money he got in the lawsuit. Now he wants an investigation into Lindenwood student housing. Is he trying to get a higher buyout from Lindenwood to sell his house? This is a guy who supervised a probation officer who is selling drugs for years, and Buettner didn’t know anything about it. He should represent his constituents and give up his vendetta against the city.


A president with no personal military experience, has decided to send American troops into Syria as advisors. Does anybody remember how the Vietnam War started? It started with advisors and ended with over 50,000 US troops killed or missing, with Americans leaving Vietnam with their tails between their legs. Please, can we have some kind of common sense prevail?


I think Belleville officials need to start cleaning house and initiate an investigation since confidential information has been leaked to the press. Everybody in the administration has taken an oath. And they took an oath to uphold the law. Something needs to be done.


I was reading the Belleville fiscal report. It sure is funny how they made it in such small print and everything is jammed together in no alphabetical order. I’m wondering what they are trying to hide or what the deal is. You need good eyesight and a magnifying glass. Swansea had theirs in and it was clear, not Belleville’s.


I just finished an article in Saturday’s paper where Sheriff Watson said, Scarpie, an inmate who hung himself in May of 2014, had been in the jail 19 times before being considered a model inmate. I guess after being in jail 19 times, you would learn the pros and cons and the rules. That has got to be hilarious sheriff, 19 times before being considered a model inmate.


You knew the East St. Louis strike would be over by Oct. 31st or the teachers would lose their health insurance. They sure care a lot about the students in District 189.

North Korea

In North Korea members of the press don’t ask “gotcha questions.” Politicians can earn large amounts of money supporting a bogus supplement company selling tree bark. If politicians want comfortable questions they should move to North Korea or Iran where there is no freedom of speech.


The only thing Hillary is worried about is to become the first female president this country has ever had. If she gets elected, Bill can go back in there and start horsing around like he did while he was in the White House, because she isn’t going to care, because she’s got the power and he’s got the bedroom. Isn’t that nice?


It should be evident that there were shenanigans pulled by the city when they inspected the houses for Lindenwood University’s occupancy, because the BND article states “the fire Marshall required sprinklers to be installed, which is in keeping with the building code”. If you are going to have someone from the city inspect these properties, it should be done by someone who is qualified. Because it is quite evident that the city failed the initial inspection by not requiring the houses to have sprinklers installed.


After reading Mr. Lindstrom letter to the editor about meat causing cancers, I’ve come to the conclusion that there were plant eating dinosaurs and meat eating dinosaurs. And the meat eating dinosaurs ate all the plant eating dinosaurs to make them extinct. While by eating the other dinosaurs, these meat eating dinosaurs all died of cancer. There is the answer to the proverbial question, what happened to the dinosaurs, meat eaters killed them.


East St. Louis has gotten rid of all their officers except for one police officer at night. The same thing that Cahokia Mayor McCall is getting ready to do, firing five to seven police officers. If you have a home break in, robbery or murder, the family should sue the city manager, Parks and Mayor Jackson, and Mayor McCall for making our towns unsafe. You three have caused this problem and should be held personally responsible for anything that happens.


Swansea, no new fire protection tax. No pushing out loan debt, no TIF handouts. No realtor or business signs stuck all over. Go back through the numbers, always operate below your means. Start reporting how many fire calls are in Swansea. And of those calls outside of Swansea, how many needed Swansea fire department to show up at?


Has anyone else noticed that all of the funding that goes through different government programs is going to LLCs? All properties are purchased through LLCs. Since our tax dollars go towards these things, I think we should know who these LLCs are. And who is getting our tax dollars.


I hear “go fund me” accounts are very popular. I was thinking maybe ex-rep Jerry Costello would like to start a Go Fund Me campaign for the MidAmerica Airport. He can be the first donor with all of his left over campaign funds.


I figured out why all the property owners in St. Clair County have to have high rates on their property taxes. It’s because we continue to subsidize apartments in St. Clair County. I’m not sure how the assessors work, but there is the Parkway Lakeside Apartments on Frank Scott, which are only assessed for $12 million, and there are 232 units there. The Villas at Crystal Lake, on 159 that are assessed for $10.5 million on 400 acres of property and that sold for $25.8 million. Compare a home valued at $200,000 to the under value of Villas at Crystal Lake — your $200,000 home times 2.5 should really sell for $500,000. I don’t think there are many homes assessed that incorrectly. This is why people question new fire property taxes, and other property taxes. etc.


Now that a few kooks have decided that meat causes cancer you can bet two things will happen: The lawyers are going to line up for class action lawsuits all over the country and anybody that sells hotdogs will be out of business. Your old ball game hotdog will be a thing of the past and McDonald’s will be out of business, because they are going to be accused of selling something that causes cancer according to those kooks.