Letters to the Editor

Greed is not good; get your facts straight

1) I did not negotiate this contract.

2) I served on the St. Clair Township Board when Tim Buchanan was supervisor. He shares the main reason why we have this contract mess. As supervisor of St. Clair Township he failed to settle the contract with Swansea after four years. Only he can explain the reason for his procrastination or reluctance to reach a settlement. Electoral challenges? Perhaps?

3) This is St. Clair Township Supervisor Dave Barnes contract. He negotiated this contract with no transparency. He had very little input from his own board and absolutely no input from residents affected by this contract.

4) My home is in the area affected by this rate increase and I'm paying these excessive fees. Over half of the sewer users affected by the rate increase lie in my county board district I represent. Coincidentally not one elected official lives among the 3,200 affected households. Some of the poorest residents in St. Clair Township live in this area. We should not be forced to pay exorbitant sewer rates because of the gross incompetence of Supervisor Dave Barnes nor the greed of some of the Swansea Village board members.

5) We are asking for a fair solution based on hard facts and numbers. All the years of feet dragging has caused bitterness, frustration and greed. Watch a poor woman dip a bucket of water out of a ditch to flush her toilet then ask yourself is taking more than you need from her worth it.

Bob Trentman, St. Clair County Board Member