Letters to the Editor

Politicians should focus on finding solutions

A recent response to one of my letters stated I blame the Republicans for starting every war. That was never in any of my letters. As most readers know, my disgust with politicians is both parties. It’s the “quid pro quo” system. My letters are the truth, as I see it. Amazing, but a lot of people agree with me. So let’s do this. Let’s eliminate all political terminology for a minute.

What would be the result if congress, senate and the president actually worked together, no haggling, no shut downs, no filibusters, etc. and said, “let’s fix these problems.”

How can we lower taxes? How can we take care of our veterans and seniors? How can we remedy the homeless situation? How can we make sure every child gets meals at school and has the books and tools needed for an education? Let’s fix the school funding so that every school can have band, shop classes and sports?

Instead we get taxes raised, funding cuts, more homeless, and health care that’s not affordable. Oh, and let’s not forget the politicians lifetime pay, separate medical care, expensive meals, expensive flights. Tell me how can we find funding for wars, sending billions of dollars for aid overseas and our people suffer?

People need to stop believing the party lies and ask, why don’t we have solutions for our problems?

Bob Anderson, Belleville