Letters to the Editor

God chooses baby’s gender

The Nov. 2 article entitled, “IVF takes guess out of what are you having,” which IVF procedure determines if your newborn baby will be a boy or a girl and may bring designer babies in the near future.

Human life begins at conception. This knowledge today is confirmed by science and technology in a powerful way but known and taught by religious and medical personnel for ages. Many of these people conveniently forgot this truth when the pill and other forms of contraceptives were perfected in the 1930s.

I have absolutely no professional knowledge in the above matter and do not condemn those who have used it. I only have questions which must be discussed by we little people if we want to know and love the God who made us.

Some questions. If God, our Father, made us by giving His creatures, male and female, the power to bring new life into this world, to whom do we ultimately belong?

Just because we are capable of making or doing something, is it moral and right to do it?

I understand that more than two eggs need to be fertilized in order to “use” them. What happens to the rest?

When babies are conceived outside of the natural way, are we not “playing God” when we decide to let one grow and put one or more in limbo, or sell or kill the others?

We, little people, are very reticent in talking about such serious and private matters, but they are very important and cannot be ignored.

A comment on, “to who do we belong?” We definitely do not belong to the state or government. Recently a documentary on TV shows very young children taken from their parents and coerced into military training by an ISIS group. May God help us and them.

Dorothy Feder, Freeburg