Letters to the Editor

GOP is party of diversity

It’s ironic that some letter writers make pejorative comments about the Republican candidates. This group includes two medical doctors, a female CEO of a tech company; a billionaire real estate developer; an Asian-American who successfully lead Louisiana; strong governors of Virginia, New Jersey, Florida, New York and Ohio, all key states; a retired Air Force military judge and senator, a Senator from Pennsylvania; a strong former governor of Arkansas and two Cuban-American senators.

What a bunch of nuts.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have an old white woman who blamed Benghazi on some video that few have seen and an old white man, neither who have ever had to make a payroll or run a business, and a third white person, the former mayor of Baltimore and governor of Maryland who looks good in a bathing suit and plays the guitar.

Also, for the duplex dwelling veteran who loves dogs, if you wrote the same words about President Obama, would it be appropriate to call you a racist? I doubt you are, but anyone who criticizes this president is branded a racist by many on the far left. Should the same test apply to critics of Dr. Ben Carson?

Phil Henning, Smithton