Letters to the Editor

11-15-15 Sound-off

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Two articles in the paper today caught my eye. One was details of the contract signed by District 189 teachers in East St. Louis. The other dealt with proposed layoffs of policemen and firefighters in East St. Louis. First year teachers will make almost $46,000. Teachers will receive a “stipend” of $3,000 this school year and next plus additional perks. In addition they receive full medical, dental, vision and life Insurance with no deductibles. What a deal! And I’ll be they’re being paid for the strike days, too. In contrast, the city is so destitute, they can only keep four officers and 2 supervisors on each shift. This is a city labeled “most dangerous city in America”. Am I the only one scratching my head here? Maybe they should consider doing away with the City Manager and let the Mayor do her job!

So now it’s official, President Obama has killed the Keystone Pipeline. According to him, the United States needs less carbon based fuels and more green energy. Sounds great, at least until you look at the cost and who is going to pay for this new energy source. While the environmentalist are cheering his decision, and touting the use of wind and solar sources consider these facts. The cheapest source to produce electrical energy is coal. Using natural gas to produce electric is twice as expensive. With wind and solar power costing three to four times as much as coal generated electricity. Remember, the Government heavily subsidizes green energy. Also consider this, the Baldwin Power plant which average size can produce 1800 megawatts. And most wind turbines produce less than three megawatts. It would take more than 600 wind turbines to replace that power plant and if that’s the wind continues to blow all the time. IF this country continue down this green energy path and truly reduces the use of coal and oil, it will be the American citizens who will be paying the tab. And the first step in that direction is reduce American opportunities for cheap energy.

It makes me unhappy that the teachers got what they wanted in East St. Louis. These teachers don’t even live in East St. Louis. These people are strapped with these taxes to pay for these people, and these teachers don’t live down there. All they want is the money. They have the lowest scores, in Illinois. I don’t know how these teachers can sleep at night. They have taken the money from the taxpayers, they don’t have the cards interest at heart.

I just finished reading the article on Bruce Canty where he states he follows the Roberts rules of order and conducts business in a nice manner. I’ve been to these meetings, they are out of control. He has a gavel sitting in front of him and never uses it. He pats himself on his back for running a good meeting. Not true.

I’ve seen in the paper how St. Clair County wants to cut the budget by 10%. Some residents may have to wait for a patrol deputy to respond to the scene. It’s amazing, they keep MidAmerica Airport alive that cost millions of dollars. All that is doing is putting this County in the red.

I hope my brothers and sisters in the trade unions remembered that it was a democratic president and a democratic secretary of state that killed the Keystone Pipeline and those 10’s of thousands of union jobs that would come along with the Pipeline. Let’s not vote straight Democratic this time around.

The media is drumming on Ben Carson. I wonder if they are trying to tell him to get back to the Plantation. A Republican African American, that’s supposed to be impossible. Get back to the plantain and sit down.

The article about Charlie Meier, the politician, stating how they got a bad rap, I would like to tell Mr. Meier that I live in Clinton County, I’m on disability, and below the poverty level and I wish I could buy some bacon and eat bacon twice a week like he does. It seems they are doing away with the Middle class, and the middle class are becoming the poor and the poor are dying off. If Mr. Meier want to help anybody, let him start sponsoring a bill to get the circuit breaker reinstated. That money, 200 or 300 dollar the senior citizens get, relay does help. You need to stop with the bacon and maybe take that down a couple notches to have it once a month. It will help with body weight. I will look for Mr. Meier to sponsor a Bill reinstating a circuit breaker.

For all the people in this country who want to build a wall on our southern border. I have a suggestion, two names to pick one. WE could call it the Trump Wall or the Berlin Wall, American Style.

With your article on pedophiles and sex offenders. Why haven’t you asked the Belle Clair Fairgrounds, why they rented the building to a pedophile for a dance on Dec. 26th.

Another deal on the Highland Mayor, about selling the van and giving the money to a rehabilitation therapy. Now it’s going to be called the Joe Michaelis Rehabilitation Therapy Scholarship. Because he got all the money from the people in Highland, why doesn’t he put it under the people of Highland Scholarship fund since they gave him the money to begin with? He was so drunk he fell down the steps and broke his neck in his own home. Why couldn’t he use his own insurance if it happened in his home? He wasn’t on the job when it happened. He sold the van and his donating the money, he should have donated the money back to the people who gave it him to begin with.

The reason Obama rejected the Keystone Pipeline was because of climate change and if Hillary gets in there, she will be doing the same thing over climate change. What a joke, the way this country is being run. Let’s get someone in who knows what they are doing. The country is split in half because of politics and their media outlets. They are backing the dude in the White house.

Sad, the paper stated 10% cuts in the County. 700 Square miles of patrol being cut, cut the MidAmerica Airport and the Chairman that backs it.

In response to Mr. Robertson’s letter, be more specific on what EPA test stations will not do. In 2011 I had a 1998 van that was in good shape and drove well. It had a catalytic converter fail. I paid a lot of money to replace it, only to have it fail again and again, under warranty with many items being replaced to try and solve the problem. The mechanic stated the problem was the cap, I traded my van in and received 500 dollars. O’Fallon did not have to have an emissions test to pass. I had a lot of parts under warranty and wanted the van to last a while longer. Seems unfair if you live in Swansea and have to go through this bogus testing.

Money is the answer for schools. If the teachers in Dist. 189 got a 5% pay increase, does that mean there will be a 5% increase in graduation rates? We will have to wait and see. I’m not betting on it.

Any Missouri Football player not at practice this afternoon, should have their scholarship revoked. It’s funny the basketball team was not going along with the boycott. They were going to play their first exhibition game this week. Take the Scholarships away if they don’t show up. That is what would happen if this wasn’t going on. When you don’t show up for practice you are off the team. A lot of boys out there that would come to Missouri and play next year, if they had a scholarship. You don’t these that are skipping practice right now, they are nothing but cancer to your team anyway.

I wonder what is next. A starting player on the football team, gets a failing grade and can’t play. Will the rest of the team and campus protest until the teacher is fired for giving that player a failing grade? That’s what is next. Nothing but a bunch of crybabies.

I read Pat Kuhl’s column about this ticket for failure to wear his seatbelt. It was amusing, but his concern was misdirected. If he was worried about getting a ticket and failing to get off with a warning, he doesn’t understand the real problem with not wearing a seatbelt. If you hit something or something hits you, both you and the dog will go through the wind shield. And that was explained in 1984 when this rule was passed. I hope Mr. Kuhl understands it.

The news has been all about Missouri Campus and the football team, I was wondering why the BND didn’t type out the demands that they were making and who was making the demands.

I’m looking at Glenn McCoys’ cartoon today that shows Hillary spouting off about Ben Carson to the news networks. Does Glenn McCoy really believe that the giant pyramids in Egypt were built by Joseph to store grain in those little bitty chambers that are burial chambers? If he really believes what Carson said about that then he is delusional and McCoy needs to see a professional for some help.

I am confused about the Swansea sewer issue. It sounds like Mr. Kernan is beating the wagon for the township people, which used the Swansea sewer for his own political purposes of taking credit for them getting cheaper rates or for moving them to the township sewer plant. I don’t understand, Kernan has lived in Swansea for numerous years, fully aware of new home developments. His friends are the owners of the construction company that built the new middle school, Wolfbranch. He was at that time a trustee when the Wisteria Apartments, 52 of them and Crystal Lake Apartments, 216 of them were planned. The fact that it was a surprise to anyone in 2008 that the Illinois EPA may require a new sewer system, is unbelievable. Before approvals for any of the changes in zoning, the trustees should try to know if all the existing infrastructure can handle it. And if new infrastructure is required, in the case of the sewer plant, before you determine expected growth off an existing base of sewer users, you better make sure the users outside the city are on a contract before you determine the size of the new sewer plant for the growth. I’m in no way going to take the township residents, but the size of this plant with gross expansion, in my opinion seems to me to fall not only on the Swansea residents, but also on the Township users of the plant. It would be nice to see a timeline of events.

I want to thank all the stupid politicians Republican, and Democrats, who have destroyed the state we live in, and have destroyed my pension. We sit here with the state stopping construction projects, because these idiots in the house and the senate in Illinois that the Democrats control, won’t give an inch to this governor who is trying to fix things and get the state back on the track after these greedy, lousy, thieves in the capital in this state have refused to do anything. All they do is represent their miserable, liberal democrat, communist party and look at the shape they put this state in. People are leaving in droves, we are losing sales tax revenue, and we are losing income tax revenue. And this state is going to go broke and these people are trying to look like King Kong and they can push this governor around who is trying to do something good. People in every City in this state need to unleash and email or phone an attack on the Democrats of the house and senate level in Springfield, and bring these people back to reality, where they work with the Governor to get this state running again and save the lives of people.

With the Democrats piling on candidate Ben Carson, is this their way of saying you better get back to the plantation?

“Mr. Wonderful”. Over paid, what is the city giving bonus money to a so called Economic Development Director, with all the perks they now give him. Just give him a salary, that is enough. Why did he leave Belleville Job anyway?

You can whine all you want about Gov. Rauner and the budget impasse. But it’s really pretty simple. The Democratic Lawmakers can end the stalemate by doing their job and delivering the Governor a balanced budget to sign. It’s a constitutional requirement. You can’t have it both ways. Use the Constitution to protect pensions but not to deliver one for the budget.

It’s interesting how this Hofbrauhaus development was all developed and approved with no cost to the taxpayers. Now comes the article where we need a new road put into Rt 157, a pedestrian bridge built over Rt. 15. Mr. Eckert, who is paying for this? More TIF fund money, taxes from the taxpayers that you siphon off. What about the developers paying for some of this crap? I’m getting tired of my taxes being used for development while my roads and everything else in my ward is going to hell. The infrastructure in this city is degrading. And yet you keep taxing the people, taking their tax money to spend at your own whim. I’m tired of it. Until you vote in Belleville and vote him out, we will be getting more of the same.

Want a good reason why our state is in debt over our head. Read on page 4, Wed., the compromise for childcare assistance, in which it states: a parent, with two children, earning up to 3, 098 dollars a month, could receive partial assistance paid directly to the childcare provider for the babysitting services. Parents who lose their jobs are eligible for assistance for 90 days of unemployment, before losing their subsidy. If they aren’t working, what do they need the services for? This is the one that Jerry Costello is promoting. Why would someone need child care assistance when someone is not working? Get Costello out of office.

Missouri football players threatened to not play anymore games on their schedule. With a record of 4 and 5, doesn’t look like they were playing anyway.

You hear the administration say that the economy is doing just fine. Why is it for the first time in the history of the United States, there are more businesses going out of business each month than there are businesses being created. Our economy is not growing, it’s declining.

The East St. Louis teachers with their 5% increase, the community should hold them to a 5% increase in graduation rates. Lets’ see what happens in June.

Never in my life time did I think I would see black people create such a problem. Everywhere they go, with Mizzou and now every college is scared. Let the white students pull this off and see what would happen. I’m sure it would not have gone that way. Our forefathers before us, would shake their heads.

If you working taxpayers in this area want to know what happens to the welfare checks that are dispersed, do yourself a favor, go to the Casino Queen any night the first week of the month. Mainly the first three days and you will see where the welfare, that you are paying for childcare, rent, groceries and utilities, are going. It’s going into the slot machines. And if anybody at the BND doesn’t believe it, go and look for yourself.

On Veteran’s Day in Belleville, they have a long way to go before they learn to respect and treat those who act, sound or talk don’t like them.

Glenn McCoy’s racist behavior has reached a new and profound low. The Mizzou football team was not going to take the field on Saturday, in support of student rights to safety and human dignity. McCoy’s cartoon in Thursday’s paper was disgusting.

Just read Glenn McCoy’s cartoon and saw the football helmets, the old being Tigers and the new P.C. Crybabies which is so true. He has always been fantastic. And another great cartoon.

Chris Tabing’s letter to the editor concerning school’s transgender problem needs solving, hits the nail right on the head. There is no problem with this matter. The problem lies within our justice department in the Obama Administration. We have a young boy who thinks he is a girl or wants to be a girl. He needs to be changed anatomically for that to happen, otherwise he is still a male. My hormones were flowing full steam in High School as a teenager. Hell if I would have known about this, I would have declared myself a girl so I could shower with the girls, nothing wrong with that. The problem is with our government intrusion and the liberal agenda, that’s what is wrong with this country and this is a prime example. For someone to declare themselves a girl and then to be treated as such is crap. Have him change anatomically, if nothing else, maybe he can get a couple of guys together to help him out.

I’m looking over School Dist. #118 Annual Statement of Affair Summary, for 2015 and see all these headings, but none for for a distribution of funds for TIF taken in by Belleville. Somebody from the school board of Dist. 118 needs to publish from which one of these accounts the TIF money is given.

Mayor, this new city SUV, last car in 2010 for 24,000 dollars. People need to start speaking up. He says he is going to cut, cut, cut. He should be setting an example of what should be done. Workers don’t get raises. I think he could buy his own car at his salary.

Skip Kernan will be running for election again in 2017. I hope people look at him, the way he always stresses the negative about Dave Barnes. He gets money from Dave Barnes for taking care of our needs. If you do not like what he spends the money on, his answer is ‘I’m an elected public official.’ Skip needs to get over the superior trip and do his own job right. We have a board member who says he is going to get taxes lowered and we have seen nothing, Skip needs to start worrying about his own job.