Letters to the Editor


Warning: This letter contains views and opinions that, while intended to be accurate, may be offensive to thin skinned imbeciles. If you are stupid, overly sensitive, or both, please seek professional help and/or get a helmet before reading this.

Anyone remember the old Bee Gees’ song called “Jive Talking”? The progressive twins, Jim Walters and Gene (the Robester) Robke both recently wrote scathing letters directed at me, for giving well deserved names to their two communist heroes, i.e, Shrillary and Bobo. Funny isn’t it, Walters never flinched once when referring to President Bush as Pinocchio and other names for eight long years.

Meanwhile, the Robester never once protested Walter’s name calling. Can you say hypocrite? Then he got all exercised about my pointing out Ovomit’s own words and actions, regarding his obvious love and admiration of anything Muslim. Typical progressive.

While I stand by my statement about ducks, quacking and walking, I have seen the error of my ways, and realized how insensitive I have been. I am not going to call them those names anymore. Since they both think of themselves as royalty, I will henceforth refer to POTUS as the “Pharaoh” or better yet, “King Tut.” Not sure what to call her though; Hmmm, how about Hitlery, or more appropriately ‘Slithery’

As for my two progressive antagonists, may I suggest that you both wear a helmet — 24/7 and everywhere. I’m really worried about you guys.

Hillary for prison: 2016

Roddy D. Riggs, Highland