Letters to the Editor

Missouri protests need some perspective

Based on the coverage in your paper and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, you’d think the University of Missouri was 1950s Mississippi.

Yes, life is hard and racial hatred is not acceptable, but the description of the reported events pales in comparison with history and actually daily life in north St. Louis and East St. Louis. You have to wonder if we have raised some of our kids, with the participation trophies and political correctness, to be weak and delicate.

We also learn that Jonathan Butler, the graduate student who went on a hunger strike is the son of a railroad executive who is worth $20 million and made $6.4 million last year in compensation (Source: Omaha World-Herald). Mr. Butler has been a Mizzou student since 2008, so you have to wonder just how bad Mizzou is if he’s enrolled there for eight years. Apparently he’s studying glacial formations given the pace of his graduate studies. I got my graduate degree in a year at Michigan State.

I’m grateful these protesting kids are not members of our military, they wouldn’t make it. Heck we’d all be speaking Arabic or Russian if they were defending us. I think Col. Malec and I could probably do more than all of them put together.

Phil Henning, Smithton