Letters to the Editor


Donald Trump’s problem is that he greatly underestimates the requirements that an individual should possess to be president. His simplistic and naive belief that a successful developer or business person can handle the duties without breaking a sweat denigrates the awesome responsibilities of the most demanding position in the world.

When I first went to work as a financial consultant with Merrill Lynch, after 26 years of active Air Force service, I believed that wealthy self-made individuals would be generally knowledgeable of the issues of national and world affairs. It did not take me long to be disillusioned.

The stresses and demands placed on the president begin the first day in office and continue till the day they leave. The criticism, second guessing, and nitpicking are continuous and the constant requirement to make decisions that are best for the country is never-ending. There certainly have been those who have entered the office without a great deal of political experience, but their character, personality and ability to learn rapidly helped overcome their lack of political experience.

Mr. Trump has not demonstrated maturity, sophistication, or knowledge in his statements on national or world affairs. In fact, many of his past statements have bordered on the ludicrous and hyperbolic. I intended to end this letter with a couple of Mr. Trump’s most glaring false statements, but after checking the list on Google, I could not decide which to use so I suggest the reader do that for themselves.

Lee R. Pitzer, O’Fallon