Letters to the Editor

Keystone XL

In answer to the politicians who think Keystone XL was wrong, consider this.

The Keystone Pipeline was a bad idea because:

1) It did basically nothing for the welfare of the USA on a long-term basis. (The jobs claimed were short term construction jobs. The permanent jobs were estimated to be only about 38.)

2) There is an oil glut on the market now, although the future is unclear and depends upon OPEC, they could be replaced by Russia with proper diplomatic negotiations. In the meantime, the Arab countries will begin to need more water, and we have the most fresh water in the world in the Great Lakes.

3) It was a risk to the groundwater and agricultural productivity of the Great Plains, including beef production. (A large spill would damage the Ogallala Aquifer forever.)

4) Canada itself was calling for a withdrawal for their request because the native population was against it by more than 50 percent. And they too recognize the market shrinkage.

5) The future of fossil fuels in general make the time, energy and treasure invested in fossil fuels which are more expensive to refine due to contaminants a bad idea.

The politicians against it are just puppets reading from a script written by Big Oil.

Joseph M. Reichert, Belleville