Letters to the Editor

Global warming

The one who said we would necessarily have to change the way we live, and he’ll bankrupt coal companies. Some of the claimed 97 percent of scientists that agreed are now jumping ship, so he says he’ll have the Justice Department look into their company, or pull funds from the universities who don’t agree — notice the Chicago politics.

Now he directed them to question the Peabody executive who said by increasing CO2, would increase crop production. In a study by Michigan State University professor emeritus Sylvan H. Wittwer indicated that tripling CO2, potatoes and sweet potatoes produced nearly 75 percent more. Trees have been raised to maturity in months instead of years when the seedlings were raised in tripled CO2 environment.

Where was the Peabody executive wrong, oh scientist Obama? We can’t help the tree huggers are putting pressure on you. I could list a dozen more scientists that debunk the global warming idea.

Jack Schrand, Belleville