Letters to the Editor


Does anyone know what Mr. Useless-Clueless in the White House is up to? He isn’t trying to help or protect the country. He is a perfect image of his American hating father. He is a Muslim and pretends to be a Christian to fool the weak minded.

When there is a mass shooting Mr. Useless-Clueless mouths off about taking our guns, especially if a black gets hurt. Does Mr. Useless-Clueless think the law-abiding people that get their guns legally are at fault? It’s the lawless street thugs and immigrant terrorists that get their guns anyway but legally that’s behind the killings. If the legal guns are gone what does that do for us? Does Useless-Clueless plan on getting rid of all the powerful weapons protecting him?

The American people voted the Republicans the majority in the House and Senate. Mr. Useless-Clueless and his Democrat bunglers still run the country. If the Republicans had more people in the House and Senate, Mr. Useless-Clueless couldn’t use the veto power and his bunglers to continuously damage the country. Everything Useless-Clueless touches ends up a genuine mess. His idea on how to let other countries know how and where we stand about problems, is to have a tea party and sit down and talk. When the talks end we end up holding the short end of the stick. It’s stupidity at it’s highest.

Terry Hunt, Trenton