Letters to the Editor

Ben Carson

I see the Democratic Party press is looking under every stone to “vett” Ben Carson, who is now running in the lead as the Republican candidate for president. So far they are looking back to when he was a junior high kid and then a high school ROTC member. He sounds insidious to me!

I heard — now keep this to yourselves — that he stole some gum from a store when he was 12. Incredible! How can we have someone like this for president? Compare this to Hillary Rodham Clinton and there is no contest. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the kindest, most honest, and trustworthy person we’ve ever known. Ask the Manchurian Candidate, Barack Obama.

Just like the movie, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” with Jimmy Stewart, we don’t want any honest newcomer do-gooders coming to town and messing up a good thing with the political crony parties. The country is doing so well.

And, another dirty little secret about Ben Carson. Whisper this softly. He’s black, he’s a Christian, he’s conservative, and he actually has achieved great things in his life without government. Give’s one the creeps doesn’t it? That’s why I’m supporting him.

Brent Rains, Collinsville