Letters to the Editor


It’s reassuring to see that the mainstream mafia is at it again. What a pathetic lot. As per usual, let a black conservative gain some traction in the national polling and bang, the wolves start to growl. It happened with Herman Cain and now it’s Dr. Ben Carson’s turn. Progressives, both Democrats and Republicans, don’t dare let a black conservative win the presidential race. Can’t let them black folks off the plantation now can we?

These same fawning nincompoops still haven’t vetted “King Tut,” after over 7 years in the public spotlight. Not one example he ever attended “Hahvaad” much less having a law degree. Not one piece of paper showing an academic life. Not one person who even knew him in college, or how anyone with his admitted terrible high school record managed to get into two Ivy League schools. And furthermore, who paid for them?

But hey, let’s order up a complete body cavity search, followed by a colonoscopy for Dr. Carson, over his statements about an offer to attend West Point. You know, that guy who has actually done something worthwhile in life and, has not spent millions hiding his record from public scrutiny.

Note to Carson: If you see them break out the metal detecting wand, and/or you hear the snap of a rubber glove behind you, better listen very closely to hear if “Moon River” is playing over the speakers. Then run Ben, run!

Roddy D. Riggs, Highland