Letters to the Editor

Liberal media smears Dr. Carson

I can understand those who fear Ben Carson, like Jim Walters, because he will beat Hillary Clinton or any other candidate of that party.

The most recent vilification of Dr. Carson is his assertion that he had a bad temper and gave some personal corroboration which cannot be proven or disproved but the liberal press is all over it. The focus should be on how Carson overcame that personality fault; by an encounter with his savior, Jesus Christ. The other thing the liberal press is trying to smear him with is his use of the words “full scholarship.” His is a typical civilian. The offer, which was likely, of an appointment to West Point, he thought of it as a scholarship. An appointment is the equivalent of a full scholarship, except it is even more. The academy pays for everything; free education, food, housing. They receive a monthly stipend which the enrollees use for personal items. It is a full scholarship/appointment.

Jim Walters is a sad, unhappy, bitter, individual. I pray that he has an encounter with Jesus and discovers who the real J-man, G-man really is. His life will never be the same, just a whole lot better. Call me Jim, I’m in the phone book.

H. Ray Sigler, Highland