Letters to the Editor

Missing our fiery Bost

As the old expression goes, time changes all things. However, some things change much faster than others.

About a year ago, congressional candidate Mike Bost said this: “Money doesn’t grow on trees but those in Washington often think it does.

For too long, legislators went to Washington with a focus on “how much to spend” instead of “what to cut.” Because of that mindset, federal spending is out-of-control with growing deficits that place the burden on future generations.”

Fast forward a year and he is one of 79 Republicans voting with all the Democrats for a two-year, unread, backdoor, deficit-laden budget deal.

Despite the rationalizations of his web page, it also provides authorization to bring the national debt to $20 trillion. Saving over $200 billion in the long term, as he said this bill would do, is wishful thinking; the federal government wasted that much money while I was writing this. Please tell us Congressman, what happened?

Congress had a year to draft a budget. Why let it go until we had, by default, a “crisis?” Why abandon your platform? Our fiscal woes are not your fault alone, but I’d rather have been represented by the defiant state representative version of Mike Bost than one that dismissed his campaign pledges to get along in D.C.

Paul Zabbo, Shiloh