Letters to the Editor

Obama’s toying with military endangers U.S.

The debate of the top six Republican candidates on Nov. 10, in my estimation, pointed out that we are very fortunate to have so many qualified candidates. There were many solutions offered to an array of issues facing this country not the least of which is national security. I mentioned to my wife that perhaps we should have a presidency by committee. She is so smart, that’s why I married her. She said, “we are supposed to have a committee to govern, called the Congress.”

While we are focused on a single person who will lead this country, the deadbeats in Washington get a pass. This Congress has allowed the Islamist dictator in the White House to put our economy and our security at risk. He has dismantled the military by having women in combat roles, using the military as great social experiment with the openly gay and lesbian soldiers, topping that off with the openly gay secretary of the Army, Eric Fanning. The elimination of top generals who disagree with Barack Hussein Obama has all but neutered our once exceptional fighting force.

Congress must be prepared to override Obama’s veto which will likely come even with a trimmed down version sent to his desk. National security is the president’s number one obligation. If we are not secure and free, nothing else matters.

William H. Bremen Sr., Belleville