Letters to the Editor


The views of letter writer Chris Tabing of Coulterville, that appeared in the Nov. 12 BND made it sound like President Obama himself brought the transgender issues and legislation that you referred to in your article. While I do agree with your sentiment that the male (boy) in this and all other similar cases should not be allowed to be in a girls’ shower/locker/etc., I am curious how it is that you feel that President Obama personally, as your more or less state, brought this about. Could it be that you don’t like him and are willing to cast any negative his way that you can simply to suit your feelings about him?

What motivated me to write a response to your view was that many among us take what we read to heart, or as fact, even though it’s often obvious that it isn’t. You actually state that Obama’s Department of Education requires that “the district must allow the teenage boy to run around naked in the shower room with the naked female classmates.” You go on to say that “this is such an absurd case it really doesn’t deserve discussion.” You are correct in the absurdity of it all, only it’s your twisted and misrepresented statements that qualify to that end. Finally, I would ask that you substantiate where it’s written that Obama requires that naked transgender boys be allowed to shower with naked girls.

Hans (John) Baumann, Swansea