Letters to the Editor

Cat and the Fiddle

I remember my father, Wilmer Lawrence Vogt, pointing out the old Cat and the Fiddle building which no longer is there. I think it was on what used to be called the Bee Line (County B?) Anyone in the paper have knowledge of this or history of this?

The Vogt brothers were farmers on land bought by their folk after migrating from Germany through New Orleans and into Belleville.

My grandfather owned Vogt Grocery on Main Street for years and lived in an apartment above the store with the family.

He had three brothers who play the fiddle at the Cat and the Fiddle on weekends and they were big guys, so also were the “bouncers.”

Just wondering. There is a new Cat and the Fiddle now, but not the one I am talking about. I would be interested in any informaiton you can find about it.

Claire Vogt Wally, Barrington