Letters to the Editor

Hillary tells some whoppers

Sooo, Sllithery claims that she tried to join the Marines back in the early seventies, eh. Was that before getting fired as assistant to the Watergate prosecutor for illegal behavior? Or was it after attending Yale law school, where she chased Slick Willy around until he caught her? Did Der Schlickmeister also try to join the Brownies at the same time, so that each of them could establish street cred to the voters of Arkansas.

Just add this to a long line of whoppers told by this socialist slime ball:

▪ I had to dodge deadly sniper fire in Bosnia.

▪ I didn’t destroy Vince Fosters’ official documents.

▪ Cattle futures, what cattle futures?

▪ We were dead broke when we left the White House.

▪ I was named after Sir Edmund Hillary.

▪ Chelsea was jogging around the WTC on 9/11.

▪ What White Water/Rose Law firm/Castle Grande papers?

▪ Those attacks in Benghazi were caused by a video and nothing else.

▪ But, I really do love the military.

What an absolute sleazebag this woman is. (Is she really a woman)? But hey, to you progs, “at this point what difference does it make?” Ahh yes, I can see her 2016 campaign slogan now: “The few, the proud, the Clinton’s.” I wonder if Jim Walters and Gene Robke still have a tingle up their leg?

Roddy R. Riggs, Highland