Letters to the Editor

County cuts back, MidAmerica doesn’t

I find it interesting that St. Clair County is facing a $3.5 million budget deficit despite raising property taxes county-wide while real estate market values continue to stagnate.

I find it appalling that Little Emperor Mark Kern chooses to jeopardize public safety to make up part of this deficit by laying off eight sheriff’s deputies (approximately 15 percent to 20 percent of the patrol force) while continuing to protect his sacred cow, the MidAmerica Airport, with a $7.5 million subsidy.

Since his election in 2004, we as taxpayers have allowed him to keep dumping our tax dollars down this sucking hole to the tune of over $80 million under the guise that someday it is going to make money.

When are the unbought voters of this county going to say enough is enough?

Charles A. Carter, Mascoutah