Letters to the Editor

11-23-15 Sound-off

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Ruining our state

In the past I was proud to be a citizen of the “Land of Lincoln”. After having so many corrupt politicians from our state, I hesitate to say that I am from Illinois. The leaders now in charge are supposed to be intelligent, but they are ruining our state by not being able to compromise on the budget. What can we ordinary citizens do to bring this situation to an end?

Seat belts for buses

I’m listening to KMOX Sunday morning and they are talking about putting seat belts on school buses, which is a good idea. And they are complaining that it will cost $7,000 to $10,000 to put seat belts on each bus. You mean to tell me one kid’s life isn’t worth $7,000 to $10,000? Give me a break.

Muslims should act

Why don’t the people of the Muslim faith clean their own house? Muslims have billions of dollars, oil barons of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, billions of dollars in resources to stop the crazy cowards, Islamic, ISIS or whatever.

What about students’ lives?

I saw the picture in the paper of someone holding a sign that read, “Educator lives matter”. Not one sign that said “Student lives matter”. Where is there ideology? Let’s expect an increase in the graduation rate to go along with their increase in pay. Because money is what matters.

Teachers get good contract

I see the East St. Louis teachers’ contract includes full medical, dental, vision with no deductible and life insurance. You got to be kidding me? Come on contractors, all the other taxpayers pay copays and deductibles.

Jackson is retiring

Eddie Jackson is quitting or retiring and recommending the wife of the person in charge of the East St. Louis High School District. That is a rip off. Just like the old Costello deal, everybody trying to get their family members in.

Who did Obama promise?

Now Obama has released 5 more Gitmo prisoners, one of his promises in seeking the presidency is closing Gitmo. To who was he pandering? Do most Americans want those terrorist released? I don’t think so. And why are we accepting thousands of Syrian refugees into this country when some of them could possibly be terrorists?

Marissa pays a lot

I read with interest the annual statement of the fiscal year for the Marissa School District. I was wondering, do we really need for the School district that has 125 paid personnel, and a superintendent who makes over $90,000 for a village with 2,000 people? I think we could lower our taxes if we could get rid of some of these people. And lower the pay of this superintendent.

St. Clair County is naive

The deal with the NGA is laughable. St. Clair County is doing everything for them, but they are so naive they can’t see the writing on the wall. For one thing, it is obvious St. Clair County is the best choice to be chosen and that is the reason why it won’t. When was the last time you seen the Federal Government do the right thing?

TIF money is misspent

Real-estate owners in Belleville and St. Clair County, who are paying into TIF, look at your tax bills. According to property tax information for 2015, 2013 taxes and 2014, $43,231,088 of our taxes went to private businesses though TIF. Our tax dollars should not go to private businesses. It they want to collect that money, fine, use it to pay off the debt in Illinois. Where are our leaders, do your job.

Would Mary McHugh approve?

I read about Belleville giving awards in the name of the late Mary McHugh, and I have to ask if Mary McHugh is a woman of character, would she condone the effort by the city Good Government Party to try and take an election by running her son, who had questionable residency issues during the 2015 City Council election? Disappointing that these things go on in 2015.

Obama cowers to ISIS

After listening to the president of France and the President of the US concerning ISIS, I guess now, instead of the people making fun of the French and their fighting, they make fun of America, because President Obama was cowering to the ISIS.

Mayor has his own car

I am calling in regards to the Belleville Mayor having a car. He is the only mayor in Belleville that ever had a car. This guy thinks he is big King. The City of Belleville residents need to wake up, they are driving the unmarked cars. The alderwoman is right he is using it for his own business, driving his family members around. Wake up people, vote these crooks out of the office. And get someone who takes care of Belleville and not the big corporations. Eckert, time for you to go.

Step increase should be enough

I agree most with Katie Wright’s Guest Point of View. I do have a question regarding pay. You teachers receive a step increase yearly, which is an increase in pay. So why are you striking for more money when you are guaranteed an increase in pay each year with your step increase. All you could be asking for is a cost of living increase.

ISIS is close to getting a chemical weapon

Just been reported this morning that ISIS is very close to developing a chemical weapon. If the president that the liberals put in the White House had done something five or six years ago, when he was drawing his imaginary lines in the sand, but he kept moving them back and moving them back, so where now they are at the door of the Oval Office. He never did a damn thing. These people are going to have a chemical weapon and they will use it.

Police dog funerals are touching

The man who complained about the funeral for the police dog Sari, does not understand the real reason why law enforcement people respect their dogs so much. These dogs are at times just as important as the officers who handle them. They are trained to go after criminals who murder, rob, steal and rape, along with a host of other problems. There have been many cases where police dogs have alerted officers of danger and yes saved their lives. If you have ever attended a police dog funeral, you will find it very touching. Especially when one of them is carried to a grave in a box, with the police dogs standing at attention. Give credit to the officer who handle them also.

Whay is parcel assessed at $8,300?

Why is the 51 acre parcel near Belleville West on Frank Scott Parkway being annexed by Belleville only assessed at a value of about $8,300? I bet you cannot get such a good assessment deal or buy farmland for $163 per acre in the area.

Lindenwood crosswalk lights are unused

Why did we spend so much money for pedestrian crosswalks with lights, in front of Lindenwood, if the students are not enforced to use them? What a waste. I hope if someone gets hurt, it’s the student’s fault, not the driver’s. Very difficult to see students crossing in dark or rainy conditions, when they are not wearing any reflective clothing. Wise up students, pay attention and get off your cell phone, you don’t own the road.