Letters to the Editor

Remember Patton’s words

Lori Felts said in the Nov. 10 paper that President Obama’s foreign policies are not working. I am in complete agreement.

What Felts describes reminds me of how Gen. George Patton was critical of our allowing the Soviets to dominate Eastern Europe in the closing days of World War II. Patton advocated that we throw the Soviets out of Eastern Europe while we had a military force to do it. Patton also once said: “We’re going to be fighting them anyway.”

To a certain extent we did fight the Soviets. During the Korean War some North Korean MIG-15s were flown by Russian pilots and serviced by Russian ground crews. During the Vietnam War, North Vietnamese surface-to-air missile crews had Russian advisers.

Direct confrontational combat came close during the 1961 Berlin Crisis as Soviet and American tanks squared off at Checkpoint Charlie. War also came very close during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

Today ISIS is not only gaining strength in the Middle East, but its influence is spreading. ISIS has not only conducted barbaric executions of innocent people, but has also destroyed irreplaceable historic sites.

Now, more than ever, the words of Gen. Patton should be remembered in our view of ISIS: “We’re going to be fighting them anyway.” In the turbulent times ahead, we most certainly do not need a president lacking in strength, courage or character. The foreign policy ideas of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will just simply not do.

Frank B. Austin, O’Fallon