Letters to the Editor

You can blame it on Bush

Another ridiculous letter from Leon Anderson, who gave us the Bush disaster. How ludicrous for him to complain about “the horrible mess Obama made.”

Anderson asks what was Bush supposed to do, after receiving numerous terrorism warnings. Well, I guess he could have ordered some White House terrorism meetings and developed a strategy. Instead, they ignored and did absolutely nothing.

On Aug. 3, Bush was so worn out from keeping us safe, he decided to go on vacation until Sept. 3. He thought it was more important to cut brush, go fishing, play golf and watch his dogs Spot and Barney chase armadillos, than to have terrorism meetings.

On Sept. 4, when everyone was back from vacation, they finally had their first terrorism meeting. On Sept. 11, when the first plane hit the trade center, Bush said, “Well, there’s one terrible pilot.” What a doofus!

Anderson denied that Bush had the highest deficit ever. Many ignorant people believe the 2009 record high deficit belongs to Obama. The 2009 budget was set on Oct. 1, 2008 by Bush, just before his great recession.

The 2015 deficit of $439 billion, is nearly one trillion less than what Obama inherited. Nearly $400 billion of this year’s deficit is the result of Bush tax cuts, wars and recession.

We need more liberal letter writers to answer the nonsense from the right.

Gene Robke, Carlyle