Letters to the Editor

Gun-toters aren’t the answer

Sam Andrews, owner of a Eureka, Mo. gun shop, orchestrated an “open carry” march No. 16 in Ferguson, Mo. Andrews hoped to include black residents of Ferguson to show America that the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is racially all inclusive.

Constitutional rights … open carry … guns galore … sounds great! Surely the Friday the 13th terrorist attacks like those in Paris, France would be quickly thwarted by patriotic, gun-toting Americans. One of those heinous attacks occurred in concert hall packed with an estimated 1,500 concert goers. The ISIS gunmen opened-up on the theater crowd with automatic weapons from their positions in the balcony. Many in the audience were killed or wounded before police killed the perpetrators, and all were terrorized.

Now imagine if just 10 percent of those concert goers, that’s 150 people, had been packing heat. The first of them, hearing shots above the din of the music, would have visually located the terrorists and fired on them. More likely than not, at least some of the other armed citizens would have mistaken their armed brethren for terrorists and fired on them; others would have fired on those discharging their weapons. A monumental bloodbath would have ensued.

Is open carry a good idea? How about an open carry march in riot-torn Ferguson? And Missouri politicians are hell-bent on assuring that Missouri returns to the days of yesteryear — the Wild, Wild West.

Michael K. Broughton, Green Park, Mo.