Letters to the Editor

Obama needs to get serious about ISIS threat

On the morning of the ISIS terrorist attacks throughout Paris, President Obama declared ISIS was “contained.” Then, a few days later, he labeled the multiple attacks as a “setback.”

His primary job is the security of our nation, not global warming or social change. He is failing at his job and chooses to brush off the seriousness of the threat from ISIS. They don’t have to conduct an attack as dramatic as 9/11, all they have to conduct more Paris-style attacks to make their point and disrupt and destroy our way of life.

A setback is having to repaint a room when you realize you need a second coat. Mr. President, wake up and stop the political correctness and polite description of this so-called “junior varsity” team as you described a few years ago. ISIS are radical Islamists, not a community organizing group who blame climate change on their cause. You need to take them seriously. The rest of us do.

Phil Henning, Smithton