Letters to the Editor

Nations rise and fall, maybe it’s our turn

For those seeing the handwriting on the wall, nothing that happens is a surprise anymore. Well almost nothing.

Watching America imploding from within, and before our very eyes, with many citizens still ambivalent to what’s happening is bewildering. I’ve always thought that when our neighbors finally see what the charlatans in Washington have done to the future of our Nation, they would be marching through the streets with torches. But no, a large part of America wants even more of the same. And worse, we’ve turned our children over to morally bankrupt educators who are to the left of Marx and with the social outlook of the Marquis de Sade.

Watching conservative pundits attempting to bring things like knowledge of the Constitution back in classrooms, the rule of law and sharing America’s foundation of freedom thinking they can right the ship of state is a well-meaning but beyond hope. Those very freedoms that secured the blessings we’ve had for so many years are also the source of what our Fifth Column enemies have used against the rest of us.

The Bill of Rights have become a “pick and choose” the ones you like and ignore the rest. Kind of like many churches today do with the Scriptures.

The light of the Grand Experiment that not just we, but much of the world came to be blessed by, is dimming like the setting sun. But then, throughout history, nations rise and fall. Maybe it’s just our turn.

Donald Moeser, Addieville