Letters to the Editor

Students, Obama overlook ISIS

Many of you by now have heard all the details of the ISIS Paris attacks, except for those astute protesting students at Mizzou and other institutions of “higher learning” who are totally consumed with themselves and the dream world they live in.

It is confirmed that a captured ISIS terrorist and many others killed were from Syria. ISIS’ main headquarters is in Syria. Europe is being overrun by “refuges” from Syria. Is it possible that among the 70 percent of those refugees that were young men crossing into Europe that a significant portion were ISIS soldiers? Should we ID and monitor Muslim populations, mosques, and their communications traffic? Should we limit immigration from Muslim countries?

What am I thinking! Of course not. Islam is a peaceful and totally compatible theocracy with American values. We need to celebrate diversity just as our public schools and universities have been teaching for years. After all, this whole ISIS thing is contained. Just ask President Obama who said that just hours before the Paris attacks.

Remember, people are basically good except when they are blowing you up, shooting you and cutting off your head. We need a spirit of diversity and acceptance toward our savage ISIS brothers. I’m sure western civilization and America is to blame for their animosity. Just ask the black activists at the Mizzou campus.

Brent Rains, Collinsville