Letters to the Editor

Too much corruption in Belleville

There is so much political corruption in the city of Belleville, to the point that there needs to be a change.

The Belleville police department can’t seem to follow a judge’s order. The response that you get from the Belleville police department is that they don’t care what the judges order, they don’t have to listen, or even try to help. When a person gets a court order from the judge to retrieve their belongings at the police department from other party, and if the other party violates the court order, the law states that the person should be charged. But the Belleville police department basically tells you that they don’t have to listen to the court order and basically laughs. That goes to show you that there is so much corruption in the police department. When will the politicians take the time out to bring change to city of Belleville?

Kevin Eversole, Loganville, Ga.