Letters to the Editor

Refugees can’t be screened

President Obama wants to bring up to 250,000 more refugees to the United States, of which 210,000 are from Syria. As if we didn’t already have enough illegal immigration problems, crime and mounting debt, he wants to further complicate these issues and won’t listen to anyone. Our intelligence agencies have stated that there is no way to effectively screen out Islamic radicals. These same radicals have recently stated after Paris, we’re next.

California has about 12 sanctuary counties and 32 sanctuary cities. Illinois has two northern sanctuary counties and two northern sanctuary cities, one of which is Chicago. Washington, D.C. is also listed as a sanctuary city. Nevada has two sanctuary counties plus Reno, which is a sanctuary city. Liberal Democrats, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and our Republican Mark Kirk recently voted to continue funding sanctuary cities.

Since Obama won’t listen to the American public and the experts, and he insists on bringing them here, I propose the following. Why not divide the 210,000 Syrian refugees as follows: Washington, D.C. where many liberal politicians reside while in session, Las Vegas and Reno area where Harry Reid resides, California where Nancy Pelosi resides, and Chicago where Obama and many of his supporters reside. They may change their tune if they, their family or friends personally experience the violence that these individuals are capable of dishing out.

His plan makes no sense and it also reminds me of a grade school story about a Trojan Horse.

Al Bollinger, Columbia