Letters to the Editor

Trump appeals to some who like John Wayne

It struck me the other day why Trump is so popular: America wants a John Wayne. This thought came to me while talking to one of my co-workers, who just happens to be a woman. It started when I said something about Trump and in particular how bombastic he can be. The comment was not aimed at her or to anyone in particular it was just one of those things people say out loud to no one. She said that she likes Trump. She likes how he says what he thinks and when I pressed her to expand on the subject, she likes his manliness. Like John Wayne I said. Yes, she enthusiastically replied.

Recall that Mr. Wayne embodied the essence of the American male: Tall, strong, principled and determined to do the right thing at all cost. Of course Mr. Wayne lacked the bombastic style of Mr. Trump, however; both have one thing in common — they believe in this country. The other thing they have in common: their styles appeal to a segment of this population that wants a leader who is fearless, determined, believes in America and in particular American values. This segment of the population also feels that this country is descending into a malaise that will eventually render the country impotent. These people want a John Wayne — they want a leader, not a community organizer and not a mealy mouth politician.

Andy Colon, O’Fallon