Letters to the Editor

Music, instruments brought about change

In the ’80s, I was the District Manager for a nursing staffing company in St. Louis. We provided registered nurses for temporary assignments in home nursing, hospitals short of staff, and luckily for me, we staffed the Miss Universe Contest with tertiary/emergency nursing care for contestants. I met them all. Not what I wanted as a career, but it paid the bills for a few years.

One year, our National Meeting was held in Dallas, Texas. Our guest speaker was Henry Heimlich, MD. I am sure the company thought he would speak to us about the “Heimlich Maneuver” but he did not.

He talked about trade with the Soviet Union. He proposed the idea that open trade and exposure to U.S. consumer goods would speed up the fall by popular demand. Concerts by everyone from The Beatles, to Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen started doing just that. Not only the performers but the electric guitars and amplifiers became essential to the young. It was that that brought them down, not President Reagan telling them to, “Tear down this wall.”

Now we have a new enemy. They are a large group of unemployed poor young men seeking power by selling a mythical takeover to other ignorant and poor men. But if we flooded the Middle East with so many consumer goods that they had to have, they might not want to be dead heroes. This costs no lives and has proven results. Why not try it?

Joseph M. Reichert, Belleville