Letters to the Editor

World’s problem? Too many people

Throughout history one consistent tenet of religion has been an admonition to reproduce. I suppose the idea was, if you can’t convert or conquer nonbelievers, you can eventually dominate in sheer numbers. You see this in practically all major religions. That’s likely one reason that, coupled with improvements in nutrition, health and medicine, nearly 7.5 billion humans now inhabit this earth.

It took millions of years for the number of humans to finally reach 1 billion. Then just 100 years more to reach 2 billion. But our planet’s population now is rapidly approaching 8 billion, almost four times more than just 100 years ago. With no self-imposed limits and continued focus on production (and reproduction), humans are consuming resources and heating the planet at an alarming rate. Catastrophic changes are already happening. Still, religions across the earth oppose most birth control and continue encouraging their flocks to “go forth and multiply.”

Whether the motivation is religion or just ignorance, a sizable and influential component of modern society refuses to acknowledge this problem. Just how many is too many people on this planet? Well, take a look around at how rapidly the earth’s resources being depleted, and our environment is being pushed toward being uninhabitable. Without major changes in human activity, including birth rates, human life on this planet may be doomed. Is this what we leave as our generation’s legacy?

It appears we already may have more people than our planet can support.

Kevin J. Gagen, Belleville