Letters to the Editor

Flag flap insults veterans

I was told by friends of their disappointment on Veterans Day that there was no flag at Mount Hope Cemetery to honor the veterans buried there. They contacted a local radio station that agreed to purchase the flag and everything necessary to install it on the flag pole there. The city was contacted to put the flag up with the radio station even offering to pay the salary of whoever was sent to install the flag. As of now it hasn’t been put up.

The city officials say they must first check with the state comptroller to make sure by putting up the flag they don’t assume any legal responsibility for maintaining the cemetery. How sad that the city officials can’t do this simple thing for the area’s veterans and their families who have given so much, some even their lives, to give us the freedoms we enjoy today. It just shows how important veterans and their families are to our local officials. They should be ashamed of their conduct. Maybe we should remember what they think of us when next year’s elections come along. Again, they should be ashamed.

Nancy Hurst, Belleville