Letters to the Editor

Knowledge, not color, determines ability

I noted, on the Insight section of your paper of Nov. 18, a comment by a Mitch Oliver in the article relative to the University of Missouri. Mr. Oliver is the president of the Black Student Association at the University of Boston. His statement was about how identifying with one’s instructor made a difference in your learning experience.

Is Mr. Oliver suggesting we return to segregated education? Many of us thought we were making significant progress when we supported non-segregated schools in the past.

The color of the instructor’s skin, in my experience, has no impact on the relative value of instruction. The quality of the instructor’s knowledge of the subject matter, and his/her ability to impart that to the student is in the end the determining factor of the quality of instruction.

I find thinking like Mr. Oliver’s offensive to all who believe in quality education.

Bob Davis, Glen Carbon