Letters to the Editor

County corruption is sickening

As much corruption and evil going on in St. Clair County, it sickens me to read all these letter writers personally bashing each other. We have major problems in this county you need to be focusing on instead.

Chairman Mark Kern is grossly incompetent at his job and is politically insane. He can’t do or win anything on his own merits. The Belleville News-Democrat and public knowledge knows that he and Bob Sprague are buying their votes from East St. Louis.

Kern and the Democratic Central Committee have turned this county into a god-forsaken county with their corruption. If you’re tired of not getting anywhere in this county, I please ask you to stand with the St. Clair County Freedom Coalition. Let’s end all this travesty.

And State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly, you are a joke. What happened to the federal investigations: 1) Debra Moore and the grants department; 2) The school bus accident in Cahokia by a McCall family member; 3) The investigation for Cahokia trustee Jerry Nichols involving the McCalls, Crockett and Kern. What did you do Brendan, bury all those investigations. No you don’t have the manhood to go on Bob’s show and keep us taxpayers informed. I’m tired of my taxes going to the debacle MMA.

Harold Griffin, Belleville