Letters to the Editor

Check ancestors, then discuss immigration

My father’s family left France for Quebec in the 17th century because, as peasants, they could not escape poverty. One hundred and fifty years later they left Quebec because the English who were at war with French settlers had conquered their country. Similarly, my mother’s ancestors left Germany in the 19th century because frequent territorial disputes with France threatened their lives and livelihood.

Most Americans who trace their European ancestry find their forefathers fled Europe to escape famine, poverty and/or war. I find it puzzling some of these same people are adamantly opposed to immigration and only support politicians who are like-minded. People fleeing Central and South America and refugees from countries in the Middle East want nothing more than freedom from war and oppression, job opportunities and a peaceful country in which they can raise their families.

After the mandatory 2 year vetting process, refugees should be allowed entry and be able to apply for citizenship. Non-documented immigrants should be given a pathway to citizenship. As Sen. John McCain said recently, “All are God’s children.”

Gerald Montroy, O’Fallon