Letters to the Editor

Don’t blame MidAmerica for tax, budget woes

I think it is time to stop blaming MidAmerica Airport and its supporters Mark Kern and Tim Cantwell for our county budget and tax problems. Last week Bill Malec more or less was critical of Patty Conroy’s good experience with MidAmerica and Air Allegiant. At least Mr. Malec had the guts to identify himself. The two individuals with their inputs under “Budget” and “County Cuts” in Monday’s BND didn’t have the guts to identify themselves. And another article under “Your View” in the Nov. 17 paper by Richard Ellerbrake. His statement “give the equipment to Scott and quit subsidizing the United States Air Force.”

Sorry, Mr. Ellerbrake that statement shows your ignorance of the situation. What’s wrong with subsidizing the Air Force? To my knowledge the Air Force leases the space for their aircraft for takeoffs and landings.

There must be something going on there. I drive by two to three times a week and notice the parking lot has hundreds of cars parked. Today I drove into the airport terminal area. There were 250 plus automobiles at the terminal and another 50 to 75 cars at the Boeing and North Bay Produce area, also there was another small aviation company on the airport property.

Why blame MidAmerica Airport for the tax and budget woes. Get off your duffs and help remove the real county crooks. That’s where our tax and budget problems are.

Calvin Doore, Mascoutah