Letters to the Editor

Nation’s principles are being defiled

The visionaries in 1776 signed the Declaration of Independence, a Preamble to our United States Constitution. These men of all creeds believed in natural law, God’s law and the law placed in each human by God, a conscience, insuring our right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

These principles were defied with scare tactics and a government shutdown, cronyism, entrenched politicians and so-called by-partisanship seeking to reinterpret our Constitution. Among them were Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R), and Senators Durbin (D) and Kirk (R) who ignored their constituents in Illinois. They refused to delete Planned Parenthood funding in spite of horrific expose of PP selling live donated, aborted baby body parts. PP performs more than 32 percent of abortions and this budget gave PP $554 million tax dollars. PP denies the right to life of thousands of unwanted, aborted and donated babies daily.

Mothers may donate their organs including her uterus as organ donors; however, her unborn child is never the mother’s organs, just God’s design of a loving nurturing safe place for a baby the first nine months of life.

Our Preamble and Constitution are a gift from the Holy Spirit to man and in this Thanksgiving season, let’s be prayerful and thankful because faith, hope and love will remain within our Constitution if we make it happen.

Esther Koch, Clinton County Citizens For Life, Breese