Letters to the Editor

Justice for Murray dependents

Your editorial about the death of Murray Center resident, Todd Clementz, missed some key points. The administrators in place at the time of Todd’s death were directed to close Murray Center expeditiously. They failed to provide appropriately trained new staff and adequate staffing. Those in charge at the time of Todd’s death in the former governor’s office, at Murray, and in the Department of Human Services are all gone now.

The interim administrator admitted in federal court that he accepted a $25,000 raise to close Murray Center. Quinn’s staff and DHS leaders lied to families, threatened to move our loved ones without our consent, then denied such behavior in federal court. New administrators at Murray and DHS have begun the rebuilding; Murray families have faith in the new leadership. We will continue to press for change to prevent a future governor from endangering the lives of those who need the care that Murray Center provides to my son and other severely developmentally disabled persons.

Sometimes the wheels of justice grind slowly, but there is going to be justice for Todd, unlike another Murray resident, moved from Murray by her state guardian. She died of apparent neglect and was cremated in hours, preventing an investigation during the struggle to keep Murray open. The courts and DHS are obligated to resolve this issue; there is no justice for Barbie because of obstructions created by those who are no longer employed in the governor’s office and in DHS.

Karen Kelly, O’Fallon