Letters to the Editor

Police are handcuffed

Washington Park settled with Yancy Carden for a Taser incident while handcuffed. The video at the police station clearly showed a thug who was verbally abusive, spitting on the floor and damaging property. This guy was definitely a threat and needed to be subdued.

I wish it went to a jury and I was a member. Policemen are slowly becoming school teachers whose only allowable form of punishment is to put someone in time out or write a letter home to their lawyer. A police officer needs to have tools that keep people like Carden from getting out of hand without causing permanent damage.

If Carden would have injured an officer when they unchained him, they would have probably disciplined (or fired) the officer for not Tasering the prisoner to keep him from harming himself or others.

Randy Laird, Shiloh