Letters to the Editor

Anyone but these judges

I don’t think I have ever written a letter to the paper about politics, but I am completely shocked and amazed at the gall of the three judges (Baricevic, Haida and LeChien) playing games with a little known law, that allows them to choose getting on the ballots for reelection rather than retention, because not as many votes will be needed.

If they are so unsure of their constituents thinking they did a great job and wanting to retain them — it worries me to wonder if they only have enough friends and relatives to give them just a simple majority vote. (And Haida and Baricevic wanting to switch jobs: why?)

It would serve them right to see anyone on the ballot running against them and their losing by one or two votes, and if no one runs against them, hopefully there will be enough write-in votes to keep them out of office. There must be some dedicated people out there who could do as good as or possibly better jobs as these three.

Sharron A. Lindsey, Belleville