Letters to the Editor

Republican debate was scary

The latest Republican debates were very scary. None of the candidates defined the problem, and so their solutions were all wrong.

Carly Fiorina suggested (every time called on no matter what the question was) that all we need to do is ask the major tech companies to help us and they would be able to block ISIS. We have already done this and, though they want to help, they are reluctant to go too deep into personal emails or popular social media because they would be sued here in the real world.

Trump, Christie and Cruz think they could bomb ISIS to dust. No they cannot. They are embedded with thousands of civilians. Christie said he would tell King Hussein of Jordan that they have a friend in us. (King Hussein has been dead since 1999.)

There are just two things to remember:

We are fighting poor Muslims who are smart enough to recruit others for suicides, but we are fighting an idea. Just as we were in Vietnam. Imagine what the Romans thought when Christians were willing to be killed to be martyrs for Christianity. They too were largely poor while the Romans led a privileged life. It could not be killed.

Secondly, this is basically a civil war and all the Mideastern countries should clean up their own mess. No one (England or France) became involved in our civil war. We should protect our borders and otherwise stay out of it.

Joseph M. Reichert, Belleville